In the Neighborhood: Little Bohemian

We’d love to introduce you to Morrison Hair client and Little Bohemian owner Amii Schenk. We recently caught up with the multitasking mom and Laguna Beach tastemaker to chat about her shop and favorite spots in the neighborhood.

When did you start Little Bohemian?

I started Little Bohemian in 1994, as a wholesale clothing line. Slowly it evolved into a women’s retail store and also a kids store. As my life evolved (growing up, getting married, having kids) my taste changed from designing to wanting to be in a store every day to wanting to be in a kids store everyday!

What do you love about having a business in Laguna?

I love having a business in Laguna because my life is so easy. I’ve worked hard to simplify my life. I sometimes walk the mile to downtown from my house and think how lucky I am to have this life! I go to work after I drop my kids at school and I finish my shifts before they come home. I’m lucky I get to spend so much time with my kids. I also love having a business downtown because over the years I’ve gotten to know other shop and restaurant owners. We’re all very good to each other and watch out for each other. It’s a nice little community.

How did you discover Morrison Hair?

I discovered Morrison Hair all at once! My girlfriend Jennifer was telling me that she was very excited to be a color specialist in this new salon in North Laguna. I was already excited to become her client. But then my girlfriend Jane told me that her stylist was moving back to Laguna and I should definitely come see him. I was so torn until I found out they were both talking about the same place! It was very serendipitous and it’s been love ever since.

What do you love about the salon?

I love the salon for so many reasons. Jennifer does great color and James does a great cut. But also, it’s a lovely environment to visit and relax in. The service is great, the products are exactly what I like to use and the coffee is top notch! Basically, I have very fancy hair for a very un-fancy life — just the way I love it!

What are some of your favorite spots in town?

You can find me at Anita Beach with my kids. I’m also a member of The Laguna Art Museum so whenever there’s a new exhibit I like to go see that. Of course I love to breakfast at Zinc when given the time. In the evening when my husband and I get a date night we love to go to The Saloon for drinks and 230 or Nick’s for dinner. When we take the kids we go to Carmelitas for great Mexican!

Little Bohemian, 282 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, 949.376.8101